Texts From B2ST
Hello, everyone.

So, after three months of being dead, or lazy, or both, we decided that maybe we should update.

I mean, we have remembered about this blog, but we have been a little busy with both real life problems and well, rp problems seeing how we are both hooked onto that shit like no tomorrow.

But we’re back now, back in full swing! And we have also come up with the idea of you, the followers, to submit your own ‘texts from b2st’ posts!

You can either submit the text from the textsfromlastnight website, or you can submit the edited picture! We will give you full credit if you haven’t already watermarked it.

Alright, that’s about it, I think.

Yup. See you all in the dash!


posted 2 years ago
Anonymous: You should just *cough*illegally*cough* download PS.

But I do that already! LOL, I ain’t paying for that shit!

posted 2 years ago
spicystar: hi, you're hilarious.

Hi, thank you.


posted 2 years ago
Anonymous: Hmm, I wonder which one I'll like best. For sure I'll try to watch what I can because B2ST really does seem interesting(: I really appreciate your opinion. Thanks again! I shall begin watching soon enough^^ Take care!

Watch and find out, sweetheart!

And trust me, B2ST are all trolls, I think all of us B2UTY’s can agree on that, haha!

And no problem, any time.

Have fun, and thank you, you too!


posted 2 years ago
Anonymous: Lmao, interesting xD I've always been so attached to Super Junior, so I never really explored outside of that. But I'm really glad I did! Brought me all the way to Beast! So. I'm gonna take your word for it and watch B2ST Almighty^^ Thanks so much! And have you watched Idol Maid? If so, what was that about? And is it better than B2ST Almighty?

Yeah, I’ve always been into BB and SHINee, but I’m glad I explored more kpop groups.

Sweetie, watch them all, they’re all hilarious because B2ST are just a bunch of trolls.

I watched a bit of Idol Maid, it’s okay-ish, a bit slow in some places, but then you just have an explosion of silly-ness and trolling and just, yeah.

Nothing is better than B2ST Almighty, for me, because I found that show hilarious. But don’t take my word for it, okay? Watch them all, do whatever you want, you might like others more than others.

Explore and have fun!


posted 2 years ago
Anonymous: Hihi ^^ So recently I found out about B2ST (a little slow right?) and I've been wanting to get to know more about them but idk what to watch. It's either B2ST Documentary, or B2ST Almight. Which one is better? And what's the difference between the 2 shows?

Hi, sweetheart, well, it’s alright, I’ve gotten into B2ST as soon as Fiction came out, I knew of them before and I loved them, but I wasn’t into kpop fully back then and I never took the time to learn about B2ST, but I did after Fiction, and oh my god, best decision of my life ever.

So, firstly, welcome to the B2UTY family!

Honestly, I’ve watched a bit of B2ST Documentary but… I don’t know, it bore me a little, so I still haven’t finished watching it, but B2ST Almighty is hilarious, like, piss your pants hilarious. Honestly, while watching it, I was either snickering most of the time or just plain laughing out loud like a maniac and pissing myself. It’s just fucking hilarious, so you gotta watch it, you just gotta.

But it’s my personal opinion, honestly, it’s all different depending on everybody. Some liked B2ST Documentary more than B2ST Almighty, y’know? Watch whichever you want, in whichever order, doesn’t matter. To this day, Max and I still find old clips and shows of B2ST and we still watch them like little 5 year olds… except with cigarettes… and alcohol… and insults and begs for sex.


posted 2 years ago